Welcome to FuelPHP

FuelPHP is a simple, flexible, community driven PHP 5 web framework. It was born out of the frustrations people have with the current available frameworks and developed with support from a community of developers. FuelPHP is extremely portable, works on almost any server and prides itself on clean syntax.

Quick Installation

If you value your time and want to get things up and running in seconds instead of minutes, you can use our quick installer instead. Using the curl library, you can install a very basic version of oil. From there you can create new full applications of Fuel.

# quick install oil from the web
$ curl https://get.fuelphp.com/oil | sh
# now that oil is installed, create a blog project in a directory called Sites
$ cd Sites/
$ oil create blog

For more information, see the installation page.

Manual Installation

If you can't use the quick installation method, you can also install FuelPHP manually. You will find detailed instructions on the installation page.

Next steps

Offline docs

All the documentation is avaliable as a static download here

Class API Documentation

We provide full API documentation of all classes online.

Development Branch Documentation

This documentation reflects the state of the documentation at the time of the latest official FuelPHP release. For documentation of Fuel's bleeding edge, see our Develop Branch Documentation.