What is a task?

Tasks are classes that can be run through the command line or set up as a cron job. They are generally used for background processes, timed tasks and maintenance tasks. Tasks can calls models and other classes just like controllers.

Creating a task

In Fuel Tasks are put in the fuel/app/tasks directory. Below is an example of the task "example":

namespace Fuel\Tasks;

class Example

	public function run($message = 'Hello!')
		echo $message;

That will be called via the refine utility within oil:

$ php oil refine example "Good morning"

When just the name of the task is used in the command, the method "run()" is referenced.

Splitting tasks into more methods

You can add more methods to your task class to break a group of tasks down into more specific tasks which can be called separately.

public function current_date()
	echo date('Y-m-d');

We can then call this method using:

$ php oil refine example:current_date