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Filtering MySQL data by each user in a group?
  • Hello, I'm creating an application that's going to pull MySQL data and display it to a user depending upon which group they were in after logging in. I'm incredibly new to MVC and frameworks, but familiar with PHP. If this wasn't a framework it would be easy.. I would just filter by just pulling data from their user stored. But I'm not sure with Fuel. I'm going to try and use the SimpleAuth driver. However, I really need to get the usernames/passwords synced with active directory. So I'm assuming I'll probably need to write my own driver.. If anyone has any advice where to start that would be great.
  • A lot of questions in one post. To start with the last one, for Auth against AD you could look at, it includes both an ldap class and an Auth_Login_Driver. To get the group assigned to the logged-in user, you can use Auth::instance()->get_groups().

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