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It's been busy times lately. We've been trying to get 1.7 out of the door for quite some time, but every time new issues were reported that needed attention. Plus side of this is that all these issues have been addressed, which should make the 1.7 release the most stable yet! In this release, existing functionality has been improved or optimized, and new functionality has been added.

This release also addresses two reported security issues, so we urge you to upgrade as soon as possible. If you can not upgrade, address the issues in your version of the framework using the information given in the security advisories.

As always, don't forget to read on, and check the changelog before you upgrade an existing application.

End of an era

This releases marks the end of the FuelPHP framework version 1 release cycle.

This version of the framework will now go into maintenance mode. It will be maintained, meaning bugs will be fixed and security issues will be addressed until one year after the first version 2 release, after which it will become end of life. After this date, the development team will no longer devote time to it.

We have made an arrangement with our main sponsor to provide paid support for a reasonable fee from that date onwards, if you require it and are not able to migrate your application to a version 2 release.

Maintenance cycle

We have created a new 1.8/develop branch, which will be used to do the maintance. The existing code repositories in the Github organisation "Fuel", and their issue trackers, will remain operational, but for bug reports only. All current feature requests will be moved to the new repositories, and closed.

If need be, we will issue 1.7 maintenance releases using backports from the 1.8/develop branch. There will not be a 1.8 release version.

Moving on

Ending all new development on the current version 1 means the FuelPHP development team can now devote all it's time developing the new version of the FuelPHP framework.

For the new version, we have setup the Github organisation "FuelPHP", with new repositories, to keep the new code separate from the old. New will be that there will no longer be a single "core" repository. Instead, the framework will be build up using separate composer packages for each functional block of the framework. Most of these packages will be framework independent, meaning they will not have any specific FuelPHP dependencies. Version 2 will introduce the concept of "service providers", classes that can add framework specific functionality to a package.

All these packages will be glued together using the "Foundation" package, the actual FuelPHP framework core.

If you want to follow the progress, simply clone the FuelPHP/FuelPHP repository like you would do a version 1 installation. After cloning, run Composer to install all dependencies, and you've got version 2 of "Welcome to FuelPHP!".

We aim to have a first version 2 release in the spring of 2014.