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After two months of active development we have released Fuel as an early beta. While Fuel is still not production ready we feel it is ready for people to start using it so they can review the framework, provide feedback before v1.0.0 and get a feel for how everything works.

This beta release includes a full feature-set including:

  • HMVC
  • ActiveRecord (lightweight ORM)
  • Packages for extending the core
  • Modules for extending your App
  • Migrations
  • Command-line utility Oil
  • Caching with drivers
  • Sessions with drivers
  • ... and plenty more.

Each of us on the development team and a few contributors have used Fuel to create an application:

  • - A simple paste bin application.
  • - Made an entire CMS with page management and a blog in 8 hours.
  • - a very silly application to vote Yes / No on peoples twitter profiles, source on GitHub.
  • stationwagon - a simple blog application that allows you to create categories and publish articles.
  • FuelDocGenerator - can be used to build Fuel Core documentation with all common layout elements generated automaticly, though mostly created to test specific functionality.

However useful each of the applications may or may not be, they were created to help us test the functionality in a more real world scenario than is possible by just working on one feature at a time.

Known issues

  • Auth package is not fully tested
  • Files class works largely but hasn't been completed. Advanced object usage still has problems and there have been issues reported with hidden files during dir deletion
  • Email class needs to be fixed and tested yet

Not finished

  • Oil scaffolding - soon you'll be able to build fully working CRUD from the command line instead of just skeleton MVC elements.
  • Core is using hard coded english for exceptions and messages but we'll convert all of this to use language files.
  • Octane testing package is not fully functional.

You can get the source code for Fuel from GitHub via a direct download or by using Git. We strongly urge you to clone the repository with Git as it makes updates so much easier. Make a fork and clone that and you can contribute any changes you might have via a Pull Request.

We've released this a little later than we originally intended as lead developer Dan Horrigan fell ill over Christmas and after recovering form that has gone back into hospital again. Fingers cross he has a quick recovery!

The Development Team