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It has been quite a busy 7 months since the last release. Unfortunately not all spend on FuelPHP, due to personal circumstances. But there is good news too!

Emlyn West has been added to the core development team. Emlyn was already active working on improving the functionality of the ORM, but will focus mainly on rewriting the ORM for version 2, on Fieldsets and Validation, and on unit testing. And off course we have released a new maintenance release, version 1.7.2.

This release fixes a long list of bugs and ommissions, and added a lot of improvements to existing classes. Version 1.7.2. also introduces Composer as the primary means of installing packages. No more submodules, all the core packages are no longer included but installed by Composer.

As always, don't forget to read on, and check the changelog before you upgrade an existing application. Be sure to checkout the v1.7.2 Changelog.

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