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Anything about PHP in general, and FuelPHP in particular. Sometimes serious, sometimes with a big wink. But always with a message. Do you have an opinion about an article? Don't forget to comment!

We know Fuel isn't fully compatible with proposed standards like PSR-0, but a framework is entitled to its own standards and conventions and we chose ours carefully. I'll explain below why the choices were made, but it's also important to know that our autoloader is very efficient. You can add any other autoloader on top of ours and once ours is done after 1 or even no filesystem checks the other one will kick in. Thus compatibility with PSR-0 is easily added without meaningfull overhead.

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Yes, we use static classes. So that must mean the principle advantages of dependency injection are impossible right? Wrong.

Dependency injection is about making it possible to completely replace a part of the composition of objects that work together. To reach this goal you should never use "new Object" but always expect the new object to be given or set on your class.

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The day the whole Fuel community has been waiting for is finally here. Only 4 months after its conception, Fuel RC1 is now released and ready to use! We're as excited about the RC1 as we will be about hitting v1.0, maybe even more so. Why? Because RC1 means that as far as we know it's all good. It means Fuel is ready to use and is approaching stability.

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