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Long overdue, we have finally managed to release the latest incarnation of the Fuel PHP framework, version 1.8.

Besides the usual improvements, bug fixes, and new functionality, one feature is important to mention straight away: PHP 7 compatibility !

It has been what can only be described as another hectic and difficult year. We've lost contact with new team member Mark for quite a while, and continuing work and health related issues for the remaining team members played havok with any plans we had. I has all meant that again, things haven't moved as fast as they should have.

Good news is that everything seems to slowly pick up a little, we're trying to spend every minute of spare time we have on a redesign of the v2 core code. We have made the descision that Fuel v2 will require PHP 7+. We hope that we can pick up the pace soon, so there is something you can work with, and give your comments on.

As always, don't forget to read on, and check the changelog before you upgrade an existing application. Be sure to checkout the v1.8 Changelog.

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