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We have made a little change in plans...but in a good way!  We have gotten a lot of questions about when Fuel will be stable.  I have always responded with "soon" or "in a few weeks."  This was because we were unsure of what was left to do.  Well, now we have figured that all out and I have some exciting news.

Fuel v1.0 Release Candadate 1 will be released on April 1st, 2011.

No, this is not an April fools joke (would I tell you even if it was?).  Initially we wanted to launch v1.0 stable on this date.  However, we have decided a Release Candadate was a better idea.  This will help us work out all the bugs and such before saying it is stable.

April 1st will also mark the official feature freeze date for Fuel v1.0.  Any new features after this date will wait until at least v1.1.  This is so we don't introduce any new bugs, just fix current ones.

Here is what we are finishing up for the v1.0 RC1:

  • ORM Package (Jelmer)
  • New Response Object (Dan)
  • New path management architecture (Dan)
  • Lots of docs (Everyone)
  • ViewModel changes (Jelmer)
  • Profiler Rewrite (may get pushed to v1.1, Dan)

We also have Scott Parry working on a new site design for us.  We have been too busy writing awesome code to update the site much, so this will become a bigger priority after the RC is out.  Here are a few features we are thinking of:

  • Development Mailing List - get daily emails of commits and other ongoings.
  • FuelTV (need to check on the name...could be copyrighted) - a central place for all Fuel Screencasts.
  • The Refinery - A central repository for classes and packages installable via Oil (allowing people to add their own as well).

Again, those are just ideas at this point and have not been started yet.  Feel free to let us know what you would like to see on the site.

We will be releasing more info when we RC1 gets launched on how you can contribute feedback, submit bugs, etc.