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A couple of days ago we've retweeted the anouncement of a "new" CMS called RebornCMS. This was done under the, maybe somewhat naive, believe that people have put their heart into making something to help out others. This is somethng we respect in all open-source projects. The passion and willingness to do more as a collective than as a single developer is what drives and motivates us, whether these projects are our competitors or products that we've helped to take shape using the FuelPHP framework.

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At the beginning of 2012 Jelmer posted an article called "The road ahead", outlining the developments of what then was referred to as "FuelPHP 2.0".

In the 10 months that has followed, a lot has changed. Two members have left the core development team, one of them being the projects founder, and the project has found new leadership. New leadership usually brings change, and for us, there is no exception.

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It has been a busy time for both the Core developers, and all contributors. Lots of bugs have been squashed, speed has been improved, and new features have been added.  We've also said goodbye to Pagodabox, and found a new home, courtesy of our new sponsor. We've introduced a new website, and an API browser.

Without further ado, here's FuelPHP v1.4!

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