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A couple of days ago we've retweeted the anouncement of a "new" CMS called RebornCMS.

This was done under the, maybe somewhat naive, believe that people have put their heart into making something that will help out others. This is somethng we respect in all open-source projects. The passion and willingness to do more as a collective than as a single developer is what drives and motivates us, whether these projects are our competitors or products that we've helped to take shape using the FuelPHP framework.

It is therefore painful to see that this CMS was not created with the respect for other developers we hope to see, but in fact copied from PyroCMS, a well established and respected Open Source CMS.

We hereby want to make it absolutely clear that we, as the FuelPHP development team, do not promote or condone this. The Open Source world is a great place to learn from one another. I think I can safely speak for a lot of developers out there and say: we've all learned a great deal from one another. It's a culture of sharing knowledge and recognizing each other for sharing it with others. One thing is for sure, learning is not the same as copying the work of others and claiming it to be your own.

So the final words are: Learn, respect other people's work, improve it, but don't steal it!

The FuelPHP Development Team.