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It has been long awaited by all but we are proud to annouce that the first alpha version of the reworked FuelPHP framework has now been tagged on github!

The new version of the framework is in a state where it can be used and has basic MVC functionality. There is still a lot more to do but we are working hard to complete the desired functionality and push towards getting the first stable release of v2 this coming summer.

To help us please have a play with v2 and tell us what you think or if you find bugs. You can contact us through the normal channels. The code is avaliable at and to get started quickly just clone and do a composer install.

Bug reports can be opened on the related repo, if you are unsure whch repo the bug relates to then either contact us first or open it on and we can point you in the right direction.

As of yet there are no distinct plans when the next alpha or beta versions will be, we will play it by ear and make annoucements once more dates have been decided.