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Long overdue, we have just released a new maintenance release, v1.7.3.

It has been what can only be described as a hectic year. We've lost a valuable team member ( sorry to see you go Frank! ), we've gained a new valuable team member ( welcome to the team, Mark! ) and lots of work and health related issues for the remaining team members. I has all meant things haven't moved as fast as they should have.

Good news is that everything seems to slowly pick up a little, and our new team member Mark will be working only on Fuel v2 code, so we hope that we can pick up the pace there as well.

This maintanancce release fixes a long list of bugs and ommissions, and added a suprising number of improvements to existing classes. Version 1.7.3. finally uses Composer as the primary means of installing packages, both for the release and the development version. No more submodules, all the core packages are no longer included but installed by Composer.

As always, don't forget to read on, and check the changelog before you upgrade an existing application. Be sure to checkout the v1.7.3 Changelog.

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