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v1.4 contains a lot of improvements and bugfixes, and also introduces quite a bit of new functionality. Be sure to checkout the v1.4 Changelog, as it also lists all items deprecated in v1.3, which are now removed.

Pay attention to the following:
  • If you use the Pagination class, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the new class API BEFORE you upgrade, as the new class is not fully backwards compatible!
  • There is NO default timezone setting anymore. You HAVE to make sure you have set the correct system timezone in your php.ini, AND make sure the same timezone is set in your config.php

If you find any bugs, as always, please file an issue on GitHub (make sure you search to make sure it hasn't already been submitted).

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Remember, when sending pull requests for bugfixes on the 1.4 release, send them against the 1.4/develop repository. For new features, send pull requests against the 1.5/develop repository. Pull requests against the wrong repository will be asked to be resubmitted against the correct branch. If you're in doubt on which branch your pull-request should be, hop on IRC (#fuelphp on freenode) and ask, that will save us all some time.

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