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[Extend Core Class] - Problem
  • Hi guys,
    I'm doing my first steps on the Framework FuelPHP. I installed and followed the following tutorials. I realized the standard agenda.
    I wish I do now extend a class Core FuelPHP, allow me to define my own methods. I followed the example with the class Lang. Lang in the child class, I created a test method.
    class Lang extends Fuel\Core\Lang {
     public static function test(){
      return 'test';

    I changed the View object of my note, to test the extension class:
    public function action_view($id = null)
      echo Lang::test();
      $this->data['note'] = Model_Note::find_by_pk($id);

    When I run my page I get the following error: ErrorException [ Error ]: Call to undefined method Fuel\Core\Lang::test()
    I do not understand my error can you help me?
    Thank you
  • You will have to define your class extension in app/classes/bootstrap.php, otherwise the autoloader doesn't know there's an extension. There's an example in the comments (of a View extension) so you can see what the syntax is.
  • Hello Harro,
    I have doing the same config in the FuelPHP documentation. Yesterday, like I don't understand the discard, I re-install FuelPHP framework. Now, It's ok. I can re define a Core class in an App class.
    Thanks for your help

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