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Need help with Fuel and MongoDB
  • I am trying to use FuelPHP to build a small CRUD type of application. Very simple. Just a page where a user can enter Name, Address, City, Zip, etc.....hit the Submit Button and store that info.
    I need to have all that stored in a Mongo database (which Fuel has a PHP driver for).
    Then I need to be able to retrieve that info from Mongo and display it on another page. Does anybody have some basic Fuel/Mongo application that they can share with me? Let me look at how you made the View, Controller and Model for Mongo, instead of MySQL? Or...can somebody walk me thru the steps to create a view, controller, and model for Mongo? I know how to use Oil to create a basic scaffold for CRUD.....can somebody show me how to convert the standard Oil scaffold from MySQL to Mongo?

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