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Bushido Issue Tracker
  • Hey guys, I thought i'd let you know about an new issue tracker I created for my small company that's based on fuelphp. It's still in beta and free to sign up. Feel free to use it and let me know what you think. Thanks!
  • It seems really good, I've registered a User to test it.
    I want to give you some suggestion, based of experience with other tool: 1) After the registration, clicking the "Log me now" button ,the user is sent to the homepage and have to login. Why don't you simply use the "force_login" method of the Auth class to login after clicking the button? 2) In the project section the "Project Details" background is very bad, on my pc it hasn't any shade but simply a lot of big rectangles of different colors Some to come, I wa creating an issue tracker for myself but it seems really good! Love the graphic! :)
  • Hey ilNotturno, thanks for trying it out! As you mentioned the log me in now button should auto force login to the dashboard, i'll definitely make that change! I'll also have a look at the project details background. I haven't had that issue come up but i'll test in all browsers. Thanks for the feedback!

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