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(Yet Another) Oil on Windows problem
  • I'm running WAMP on Win7, I have my environment variable set up and I have Fuel installed correctly. I can't, however, get Oil to work. In my Fuel dir in WAMP, when I run php oil I get: could not open input file: oil What am I missing? Thanks in advance.
  • PHP tells you there is no file called 'oil' in the current directory. Or it is there but you don't have the rights to open it (less likely in a W7 environment unless you have taken your security very serious). Are you sure you're in the correct folder (it's not in the fuel folder, it's one up)?
  • Yes, I'm in the right folder. Maybe I missed something in the initial installation?
  • The file is there (if it's installed properly), or it isn't. There isn't much more too it. PHP says it isn't, so if you say it is you have a curious issue on your hand. The file is part of the fuel repo, which is the one you clone if you work from github. If you installed the release zip file, it should be in there too...
  • you need to set permissions on writabel folders munually 
  • Oil is not in /fuel/ directory. You need to be in root of your fuelPHP installation.

    - this is the wrong directort for 'PHP Oil' command c:\<FuelPHP>\fuel\ 
    - Correct directory c:\<FuelPHP>\

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