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FoolFuuka imageboard
  • FoolFuuka is an imageboard written in FuelPHP. The first version was built in CodeIgniter, but since we wanted to use PHP 5.3+ features, we went ahead and ported it to FuelPHP during the summer. We plan to release this software for production within the next two months during which we'll fix bugs and create a new autoupgrade script. Notice: images of Japanese cartoons `anime` ahead, so just relatively safe for work The site stores over 120m posts and the database is reaching 100gb. Most of the work behind this software was optimization. The site produces several millions of hits per month, and it's pretty hard to efficiently cache its content as pageviews are spread through millions of threads. Features that may interest programmers include: * Admin panel in Twitter Boostrap 2.0 with autogenerated forms and customized Auth
    * Plugin system - uses hooks, can run before, after and replace methods, add/extend controllers and models. Styled after FuelPHP packages.
    * Theme system - can do what plugins do, plus stores views, allows child themes, acts as asset manager
    * Plugins and themes are separated for each module
    * SphinxQL package to search through large amounts of data
    * Inet package to deal with IPs in decimal form instead of presentation, to improve database query speed Then there's the imageboard, we used the REST controller to deliver thread auto-update, moderation buttons and a public API. We use GNUplot through the "oil refine" function to create some cool graphs We have our project on Github (FoolFuuka is a submodule to this wrapper). We didn't yet take care of READMEs and so on. Since it's behind login, here's an image of the admin panel. It's just Bootstrap: fiejtl.png
  • Hi mate, When proceeding to step 2 in the installation proces, i get an error stating "no input file specified". Usually, I don't have any problems with the FuelPHP Framework, do you know what I'm doing wrong?
  • It seems that the project isn't on Github anymore, some news?

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