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FuelPHP Oil setup in Windows 7
  • Hi, to make oil run in windows, some changes must be done. i'm using xampp installed in E:/xampp 1. open command prompt (run>cmd) and type systempropertiesadvanced
    2. from there advanced>Environment Variables and add php directory to the PATH variable (in my case E:\xampp\php)
    3. modify 2 lines E:\xampp\php\php.ini
    extension_dir = "E:\xampp\php\ext"
    browscap = "E:\xampp\php\extras\browscap.ini"

    in my php.ini drive letter was missing. restart apache in xampp control panel and thats it! hope this was helpful to someone.
  • This version doesn't support "create" methods.
  • "create" technically isn't part of oil, it's a feature of the bash loader, which only works on *unix, as stated in the docs. It relies on the git binary to clone the repository into a local installation, and on the php binary to be in the current path. Perhaps it's possible to create a cmd or bat version of the bash loader, but nobody in the team uses Windows, I'm not sure there is a git binary for Windows, and imho there are too many installation options to make this script very reliable. For now, on Windows you will have to follow the manual installation instructions.
  • Thanks!!! I was thinking on installing ubuntu in my SSD, but this solution is more simple to try oil out. But... has a linux distribution is always a good choice. []'s!
  • I wrote a short tutorial for setting up on Windows - take a look here:

  • A quick tip for those who want to use a Linux/IOS alike system on Windows, make a batch file with notepad with this:

    @echo off
    SET PATH=%PATH%;X:\path\to\phpfolder;


    doskey oil=php oil $*

    prompt $$$S

    Then save it like c:\oil.bat or whatever you want.

    Now make a desktop shortcut of c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe and go to
    properties, change it to look like this: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /K

    You could now Pin this shortcut into your windows toolbar and click on
    it every time you need the windows console. Then just type “oil
    command”, no need for “php oil” or change system variables.
    Extra Tip: You could also add mysql folder to PATH to access mysql console.

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