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problem with special characters in string validation via extended validation class
  • hello everybody, I extended the validation core class to add custom validators. Now when I use this class, fields that contain special characters like "ß" or "ü" won't pass the valid_string rule. The same ruleset, used directly via the validation core class in the controller works perfectly as wished for. Would be great if someone could give me a hint whether I'm missing something out or there might be a bug. example class: <code>
    class TestValidator extends Validation { public function __construct($set) {
    parent::__construct($set); $this->setupValidator();
    } private function setupValidator() {
    </code> called in the controller like that: <code>
    $this->oCheck = TestValidator::factory();
    if ($this->oCheck->run($_REQUEST)) { }
    </code> With a parameter like "?name=Böhme" the validator never returns "true". Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks & happy easter: jan.

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