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Fuel Base CMS
  • This is opensource CMS base on FuelPHP Framework.
    version 1.0 beta.
  • ilNotturnoilNotturno
    Accepted Answer
    I'm trying it right now, it seems very interesting! Congratulation for your work!

    I'll try to study the code s soon as possible.
  • Thank ilNotturno
    We try more better than now. :D
  • Nice work,
    I'll try right now :)
  • Does it have a hook system? For example, if I realize a star rating system, I can put automatically my code over the content registering myself to a hook callback.
  • Reborn have already Event. (FuelPHP Event).
  • There are issues with UTF8 unicode :) Other than that it looks good! Keep up the good work
  • RokSiEu! Thank.
    How to problem with UTF8 unicode. Please detail for process.
  • Does not work. The page isn't redirecting properly. In the transition to a blog or admin. On the server is located in the www folder.
  • MaxZn
    After installation step_4? Some server have problem at this state, we will fix this.
  • After installation step_4? - Yes.
  • OK! This is problem with some server. (We fix this problem)
    You can go frontend after installation finish.
    And then you can go admin panel. Thanks
  • Usign characters "čČšŠžŽ" in username or title of blog it doesn't show right. 
  • RokSiEu
    Ok. I think It's bug for unicode character at title to slug generate. Thank for your bug report. :D
  • Hi,

    the download link in your first post doesn't work,
    after checking your github page, i can see only an empty profile:

  • It was taken offline after it was discovered it was a copy of the PyroCMS code, without attributing the copyright owners.
  • That stinks. Looks pretty good.
  • From what I understand it wasn't intentional, and they are discussing it with the Pyro team.
  • Wonder why it's advertised as being from the FuelPHP framework then?
  • Where?

    What they did was take the PyroCMS code, swapped CodeIgniter for FuelPHP, and adapted the code so it would work. And removed all the original copyright notices...
  • Check their homepage

    RebornCMS is open-source! 
    And based on FuelPHP

    Reborn is simple, light-weight and PHP 5.3 Content Management System base on awesome FuelPHP framework.

  • Ah, they've put it back online. It was taken down after the infringement complaint.
    I see the source isn't back on github yet, which also means there's nothing to download.
  • One interesting question. Why all developers of CMSs always change directory structure of framework?
    As I think, It is good idea to have public part at the server docroot and code part under the root. If all structure remaked considerably then it is impossible to separate this two parts... assets spreaded everywhere in the code part... awful, sorry.

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