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A little bit about the registration (help)
  • Hi! could you help a beginner with the development of Fuelphp? need an example of a registration form with all kinds of fields and their verification, I can't understand this. Thanks in advance!

    UPD. Sorry for the bad English, I'm from Russia

    if you don't mind let archive, then he'll try to understand

  • You could have a look at, it has login, user registration and profile controllers.
  • Thank you very much, and whether there is an example of loading the photos and the creation of the version of on-the-fly?
  • The depot code doesn't support uploading profile photo's, you'll have to work that out yourself. And I don't understand what you mean by "creation of the version"...
  • \\And I don't understand what you mean by "creation of the version"...
    the creation of thumbnails of uploaded images

    I'll try to understand himself in the download files, thanks for the tips

  • To process uploaded files you can use the Upload class. The documentation has an example on how to do that.

    To create thumbnails you can use the Image class. has an example of how to get the uploaded file data and crop it to a 200x200 picture.
  • Thank you, until there are no more questions, I'll try
  • isnt loading at this moment... :(
  • Possible, we've been moving away from Pagodabox at the moment.

    There's isn't really anything to access at the moment, so I don't think that is an issue.

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