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Looking for a FuelPHP Developer or team to hire
  • Greetings from the West Coast of Canada!

    I have a project that I believe would be well suited to FuelPHP and I am looking for a developer or team available to contract. The project isn't the most exciting.. sorry no app to control the Mars Rover here! We want to build a solution that helps us manage our product catalog and order fulfilment for an online store. We have several suppliers and would like to grow the business but the manual aspects of managing this area of our business is beginning to constrict things.

    Ideally I'd like features that include - 

    - Allow us to add our suppliers or for our suppliers to register (providing their contact information, policies etc.)
    - Allows our suppliers to provide FTP information to their product data (CSV or XML) and inventory files
    - Accesses their product data and add this information to our store to create new products and edit existing ones
    - Identifies when product data is missing from the CSV or XML file and removes these products from our store
    - Updates our inventory #'s from our suppliers CSV or XML files and updates our store
    - Extracts orders from our store and creates an inventory request that is emailed to the supplier
    - Depending on the expected ship date, converts the inventory request to a purchase order
    - Requests shipping info from the supplier on the expected ship date and updates the order in our store
    - Alerts customers to back orders and allows the customer to cancel the order, deleting the inventory request
    - If the customer accepts the back order, the inventory request is updated to a purchase order
    - Alert system so we are notified when certain functions fail
    - Dashboards so both us (admin) and our suppliers are able to see activity

    I could be completely wrong that FuelPHP is the way to go. We'd originally thought Drupal might be the way to go but this is so much cleaner and light weight.. 

    Anyway - let me know your thoughts and if you're interested, please message me.

  • Yo man,

    Sounds like a CRM with a bit of customization would make more sense....

    Just saying...

  • I'm not sure how a CRM system would help us monitor inventory and issue PO's? Part of what we do is CRM based.. meaning keeping customers up to date with back order issues but the rest.. inventory requests and notifications and so on, I'm not sure how that would work with CRM. I will think on it though.
  • Dear Katehere,

    Fuel is a good choice for CRM because Drupal is oriented for CMS , 
    in my opinion customization will not fit your needs and u will face a problem in the futures ,
    i have interest to join that projects .
  • Hi Katehere,

    Seems like you need an e-commerce solution such as PrestaShop, OpenCart or Magento. These are suited for managing inventory, sales and customer management out of the box.

    Drupal does have a contributed add-on module called Commerce, which is popular - though Drupal can be a pain to learn for new developers.

    FuelPHP's MVC structure is good for collaborative work, eg. designers working with developers. It's definitely gaining traction, so if the solutions above don't fit, go with FuelPHP.
  • Hey Katehere,

    I see what you are saying... I have developed a few modules for SugarCRM which use workflow and hooks that have the same sort of functionality you require... I will dig up the code so you can take a look...

  • Hi Katehere,
    I'm PHP Developer, i have developed 3 project with Fuelphp, i used MongoDb, Memcached for project.
    I have some project public as (a tool check site information).
    With 3 years experience php and 1 year with fuelphp.

    My email:

  • Hi Katehere,

    It’s Alastair Brian here. 

    I am PrestaShop consultant, expert, and PHP, Wordpress developer working in
    this field for 7 years with a well know brand “FMEModules” which is the
    best source of PrestaShop modules. Checkout our portfolio:

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