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Group problem
  • hello
    simpleauth.php made ​​from the group settings.

    100 the value of a new member registration and group'm doing.

    I would also check with a controller function that I created before.


      if (!Auth::member(1)  and Request::active()->action != 'login') {

    Despite the high value of the member's group is doing the routing.

    Why is this?
  • The group is not a 'level' value, it's a discrete group id. So 1 !== 100.
  • How can I use a group level as well?
  • 'groups' => array(
            -1 => array('name' => 'Banned', 'roles' => array('banned')),
            0 => array('name' => 'Guests', 'roles' => array()),
            1 => array('name' => 'Users', 'roles' => array('user')),
            50 => array('name' => 'Moderators', 'roles' => array('user', 'moderator')),
            100 => array('name' => 'Administrators', 'roles' => array('user', 'moderator', 'admin')),

    Also included in the administrator user group means the above code is not it?
  • It's just a number and a name. As in "you are member of Administrators".

    If you want it to behave like a level ( so member(50) returns true if you are administrator), you'll have to extend the Auth driver class that provides the method and overload it.

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