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No write access to APPPATH/config/crypt.php.
  • I get the following error when pushing my FuelPHP app to my production server. My fuel/config/crypt.php file has been set already:

    No write access to APPPATH/config/crypt.php.

    The FuelPHP crypto functions require a set of unique and truelly random crypto keys. These keys are automatically generated and written to the crypto configuration file the first time the application accesses a crypto function.

    Please copy the following code into APPPATH/config/crypt.php manually:

  • It only needs write access if the file is missing, some of the required values in the file are missing, or the values are invalid. In all cases, it will generate a new key set and will attempt to write it.
  • <?php

    return array (
    'crypto_key' => '4FYbEM5CSJOwtyw8FAqO0tIs',
    'crypto_iv' => 'vTAL7wxXMiucf3FVb0KkIPCA',
    'crypto_hmac' => 'WvcVIgcVgri4vW4wwsE-wYxA',

    is my crypt.php. Am I doing anything wrong?
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    File looks ok. it could also be a rights issue. If the file can not be read, it's assumed missing too.
  • It wasn't working because crypt.php is in the .gitignore

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