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Fieldset properties for ORM model, fetch from DB
  • I've read through through this post (, but I can't get it to work in my controller for some reason.

    Goal: update model properties for fieldset fields (option values) after _init. 


     $form = Fieldset::forge('form_newjob_step2');
     $model_job = \Model_Job::forge();
     $model_job::init_crud(); // sets the _properties

     // if checked here, $model_job has updated properties, as set in init_crud()


    Now, when I build the form element with <?php echo $form->field('website_id')->build(); ?> it doens't have options.

    Whenever I call the model's init_crud method from the model's _init() method, it would work.

    Any ideas?

  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Is this perhaps not the first time you use a fieldset for that model? Fieldsets are cached, so a second call will return the first fieldset.

    The options ($_property[fieldname]['form']['options']) are processed before adding the field to the fieldset, so I don't see an immediate reason why the would not end up in the fieldset.

    p.s. if you want to set data at runtime, it's better to overload set_form_fields() in your model. It's called by add_model() to create the fieldset. Have it call the parent, and use the fieldset returned to set runtime values on it. Then it happens automatically, without your controller having to call something...
  • It's a quite simple method, in which the fieldset gets forged right after the opening bracket of the function.

    public function action_new_job_step2()
            $form = Fieldset::forge('form_newjob_step2');
            $model_job = \Model_Job::forge();


    And init_crud in the model:

     public static function init_crud()
                // Fetch websites and categories. 
                static::$_properties['website_id']['form']['options'] = DB::select()->from('websites')->execute()->as_array('id', 'name');

    This in response to the first part. As you say in your PS that overloading of set_form_fields is the way to go, I'll go with that. Thanks for your reply!

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