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Fuel Administrator
  • Hi,

    in the last weeks i spent some time to create the

    Fuel Administrator

    It based on the the following packages

    I created a simple Admin Interface to manage all the stuff like
    • User Login
    • User Registation
    • User Management
    • Roles Management
    • Permissions Management
    • Users Settings

    You can find the fuel administrator here:

    Thanks for any feedback :)


  • Great package Marcus! I'll take a look in the weekend, thanks for sharing!
  • Hi Marcus! I've seen you panel and it is a good start for a powerful backend.
    I like very much the bootstrap panel (I was making my own panel in these days), but I don't like very much the way the admin panel was implemented.

    Looking the code it seems that you have implemented 3 different modules:
    - main
    - menu
    - users

    I don't like this structure very much, in my idea it would be better to create a single module with admin template / user and more (eventually you could create a driver based interface for different user management modules).

    I think it could be better to have a single module with a unique name, like "backendpro", and let other modules to extend it if they want to add some functionality.

    What do you think?
  • Hi,

    thanks for your feedback.

    Currently the admin dashboard is only a quick and dirty version.
    My idea was to create an dashboard like the fuel depot admin module:

    I will create an module "admin" for this, so that the main module will be used only for the frontend.

    > eventually you could create a driver based interface for different user management modules

    You mean to use another authorization like sentry or ninja auth?

    Your idea sounds nice, too.
    Maybe you can explain it a bit more in detail. (maybe an short example)

  • Thanks! Added this to the end of the Warden documentation at

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