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Fuel Cloud Storage Package
  • Hello all,

    Our organization has worked on a small fuelPHP
    package to manage Cloud Storage Services like Amazon Simple Storage
    Service (S3) and Rackspace Cloud Files (CF). With this package you can:
    upload/delete files, create/delete containers, copy files between
    containers, and list files.

    We have made this package available under the MIT License right here:

    There are plans to add a new driver for Amazon Glacier in the near future.

    We hope this package will be of use to someone out there :)

    Best regards,

  • Sounds good, i'm with Rackspace, i'll take a closer look ;)
  • I followed the directions, but I keep getting an error 

          ErrorException [ Error ]: require(): Cannot redeclare class cf_authentication

    which is the line that tries to include the cloudfiles php file 

    require APPPATH.'vendor/omissis/php-cloudfiles/cloudfiles.php';

    You still have to add the fuel package normally to the package directory and add it to the always load in the config correct?

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