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Ninjauth infinite loop on callback
  • Hello. I have recently installed Ninjauth on 1.4. 

    On both Facebook and Twitter, I am able to get passed from my app to facebook's and twitter's authorization pages. However, after authenticating, it seems to put me in an infinite loop on the callback redirect which results in a 310 too many redirects error in my browser. 

    I've set the redirects for each appropriate case in the Ninjauth Controller file, but it doesn't even seem to get to that point. Any ideas as to why this may be happening?! It's driving me nuts. Thanks.
  • Fixed: I changed

    $provider->callback = Uri::create(str_replace('/session/', '/callback/', Request::active()->route->path));


    $provider->callback = Uri::create('/auth/callback/' . $provider->name);

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