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Using assets for modules
  • Hi,

    I am creating some modules for my application. This is because I want to let my users to install/uninstall these modules.

    The problem: I am creating for example an invoice module. This needs some css files, which have to be placed in the public folder. But this way I lose the module architecture. I mean, this way installing/uninstalling modules is not as simple as I would like it to be.

    My idea: I would like to create an asset controller, which returns the queried files (css, js, img) with the appropriate header. for example:

    These modules will not for public use, I mean this will be for internal us, so these URLs will not be called much times.

    Is it a good idea? Or do it the hard way and write an install/uninstall task, which copies/deletes the files to/from public folder.

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