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oil refine migration for package
  • Hello all,
    I'm new to fuelPHP and currently I'm testing with building packages. I noticed that the oil generate command doesn't have a feature to generate something for a package (like a model), is that correct? A workaround is to create it and move the files to the package.

    Another issue is oil refine migration with a package. It doesn't work by default. To make the refine migration work for a package I had to configure the default value in the config:

    'package_paths' => array(

    Is this a bug (V1.5)?

  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    That is correct. The current oil implementation supports 'app' only.

    Package are not routable, so it doesn't need oil generation support, since you can't have controllers in a package. Depending on the package you can have stuff like base controllers or models, that you extend in your app.

    If you want modularity in your app, you will have to use modules.

    And no, that is not a bug. You have to configure your package path. Some people don't use packages, some have a central location for packages.

    This is going to change in 2.0, where packages will be routable, and no constants exist anymore.

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