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New CMS for FuelPHP, what do you need?
  • Hi guys,
    I have an idea in mind and I want to try to take it to the end: I want to create a FuelPHP CMS.
    I've created some projects with your help and I want to give you something back.

    So my question is: what do you want / need in a CMS? Whick modules / packages / functionality ... ? After some idea I'll try to create something useful with all of them.

  • I used PyroCMS for a long time. And it gave me always good results. It's a good axample on how things should work. I basicaly use everything from there...

    This sounds like a big challenge!
  • As I quickly read (not use and have no experience, only read) PyroCMS good in its transparency - it does not break logical structure of Laravel based on.

    It would be the best CMS based on FuelPHP, if it is preserve the structure and fuctionality of framework. It have to give us most typical fuctionality: themes, page structures with tags and types (category, static, blog etc), user manegement and image uploading. And it must be extensible with modules, plugins, widgets (with all power of framework).

    And if it is very needed, we must have ability to use plain framework functionality - HMVC with including themes, modules, plugins, widgets from CMS.

    It wolud be a super-flexible kit for quickstarting a scaling applications from small blogs to big portals.

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