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How to use zendframework 2.0 in fuelframework ?
  • Sorry for bad english , as title I want use some component of Zend2.0 in project of me? How to make this ?
  • You can import them as external package in you project, what have you tried?
  • Thank you for your answer.But I have tried, structure of Zend2.1 is different zend1.12 .So that It hart to import them , example when I use Zend_Json : namespace Zend\Json;

    use Iterator;
    use IteratorAggregate;
    use ReflectionClass;
    use Zend\Json\Exception\InvalidArgumentException;
    use Zend\Json\Exception\RecursionException;

    what should I do with it ? 
  • Sorry for hurring , I have made it completely,thank you very much !

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