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Access View from inside View
  • How can I access the current View object from inside a View?
    I tried this:


    but it threw an error.
    (Note that somedata may or may not be set and I want to avoid a wordy isset-construct)
  • There is no easy way, a view is rendered in a "sandbox" to avoid variable leaking.

    If 'somedata' is a variable set on the view, it's available in the view as $somedata.
  • OK, what would be the preferred alternative then? Does fuelphp provide a similar helper function?
    If I wrote one myself, where would I put it best?

  • The best practice answer is: if your view requires variables, make sure you pass them. If your view has optional variables, use isset() before you access them.

    if you need a global function to do

    isset($var) ? $var : 'default'

    the best place to define them is in you application bootstrap.
  • What properties of the object are you trying to get wheefuel?
  • Oh, just stuff like an error message for example.

    So I will write a small helper and put it inside fuel/app/bootstrap.php. I just wondered, whether I could use the existing one.

    Thank you for your help.

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