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Model_Crud duplicate when trying to update
  • Here is my code : 

    $animals = Model_Informations::find_all('chat'); 
    foreach($animals as $animal)
         $animal->slug = Inflector::friendly_title($animal->race);

    Do someone know why this is creating duplicates in my database? I read the doc and when the records exist, the method is suppose to do an update.

    Please help
  • The problem seems to come from the table I got from an other dev. Could it be the table unique constraint  that cause it add value instead of updading them. I tried to update on other tables and it worked like a charm. I think it would be important to mention that I tried to update other column than slug and I tried outside the foreach width find_one_by_X.
  • Found it, the table had two primary key... my god haven't even checked that .... 

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