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Setting up fuel php project in my local system
  • Hi,

    My colleague was working in one of the app using fuelphp i took the code tried to set up in my system but all the links are not working only welcome page is appearing not even the images.
    some body help me out how to solve the problem
  • You'll have to supply more information.

    For starters, how did you install it? If you didn't follow the installation guideliness as documented, did you update your rewrite rules and the configuration?
  • I downloaded the code from git, I have DB as well. Please tell me now how should i install in to my wamp server and connect to db.


    It also gives some pointers to non-standard installations. The DB config is not relevant at this point, if the site doesn't come up you have other issues.
  • Need a link how to install in windows using cmd line

  • You can't really. Our commandline tool, "oil", requires linux and the git commandline client to work.

    On Windows, the easiest is to just download the zip file, and unpack that. Then point your webservers virtualhost docroot to the /public folder of what you have unpacked.

    If you want a local git clone, you'll need a git client for Windows, and one that supports submodules, for example TortoiseGit. You can use that to clone the fuel/fuel repository using the link provided by github on the repository page, init and update the submodules. I don't use Windows personally, so I can't help you in more detail.

  • Thanks for the information. :)

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