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Upgrading to 1.5 issues
  • After upgrading to 1.5.2 form 1.4 I am having some issues with querys returning as object.
    This basic query:

    $query = Model_Sets::query()

    $result = $query->get();

    used to return an object, it now returns a multi-dimensional array.
    Reviewing the change log, I didn't see anything mentioned about this,
    and furthers my confusion about am I getting an array or object as a result.

    Some light on this would be awesome.
  • The Orm get() method returns an array of objects, it has always did, and this hasn't changed. That would be a foolish thing to do, it would break all applications, and these forums would be flooded with complaints.

    All my applications always run on the latest develop (currently 1.6), which for me is a great way to detect such issues very early

    I just checked the code and don't see any reason why it would suddenly return arrays.

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