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Updating my slug
  • How can I get my slug to update? 
    Is this bad practice in general?

    I have this in my model:

    'Orm\Observer_Slug' => array(
       'events' => array('before_insert', 'before_update'),
       'source' => array('first', 'middle', 'last', 'suffix'),   // property used to base the slug on, may also be array of properties
       'property' => 'slug',  // property to set the slug on when empty

  • I dind't understand very well, you want to update your slug (editing the model) or you want the slag after you have updated your model?
  • I mean, if I edit a record, I'd like the slug of that record to update as well.
    So in the above, a first, middle, last and suffix fields are concatenated to create a slug.
    If I change one of those fields, I'd like the slug to be properly updated too.

    I guess I failed to mention, Id like it to be updated using the observer.


  • If I look at the observer code, I don't see any reason why it wouldn't update the slug.

    before_update() will check if one of the source fields has changed, and if so, it will call before_insert() to create a new slug and store it in the defined property.

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