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Module : Edit the route
  • Hi,

    i have create an module "lbContact", but i don't like the segment "lbContact" in my URL.

    I have create this lines in my app/config/routes.php :

        'contact(/:any)?' => 'lbContact$1'

    It's work, but now my routes.php in modules/lbContact/config/ is now useless ...

    For keep working my routes.php (module side), i have create a controller "router.php" :



    namespace LbContact;

    class Controller_Router extends \Controller_Hybrid
        public function action_index($route)
            return \Request::forge('lbContact/' . $route)->execute();

    And my line in routes.php (app side) is now :

        'contact(/:any)?' => 'lbContact/router/index$1',

    Now, it's work ! My module use custom segment "contact", and use custom routes from routes.php (module side).

    My method is good ? Or better solution exists ?
  • Can't think of it.

    Module routing is a long outstanding issue that we don't have a good solution for, but is on the table to address in 2.0.

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