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How starting installation W7
  • Hello everyone,
    I tried succefully CodeIgniter and woul'd like make some apps with PhpFuel...

    I spend time to find how to install it with Wamp Server on W7 and Php5.3 but something don't works enougth !
    I got the main page welcome but could'nt run controller from it, is it normal that config still empty file ?

    Would be better if i could run a CLI config but think that impossible on my OS...
  • The core contains defaults for all config items, so you only have to set the things you want to change.

    If you get the welcome controller's index page, then the framework works. If other controllers don't work, what exactly are you trying? and what happens? How did you install it? According to the instructions, or in a diffferent setup (that might need a modification to the .htaccess file)? Does your mamp install have mod_rewrite enabled?

    Lots of users of the framework use a Windows setup, so that is not an issue.
  • I unzipped FuelPhp in Wamp, run the

    php oil refine install

    for enable permission as mentionned in config doc and also put a further .htaccess file and that looks fine,
    i can access to the home page directly without folder list appears in localhost.

    I tried this tut:

    but the
    php oil refine migrate

    send an error, maybe i have to create the database manually before...
    (invalid_data source name in COREPATH/classes/database/pdo/connection.php on line 94)

    I find some tut but don't know if they are up to date ?
    I would also install a template engine like Twig for discover it, but post i found looks very messy and i still

    So, that's a lot of things, thank's for your help !
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Fuel doesn't automagically create databases, so yes, you need to create that yourself, and make sure the configuration in app/config/<environment>/db.php is ok.

    For template engines, use the parser package. You can plug in Twig, and it will extend the regular View objects with twig template driver objects, transparent for your application.

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