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PHPQuickProfiler not starting
  • Hello,

    I try to install PHPQuickProfiler. In my "vendor" folder I now have folder "pqp" whith all the downloaded data. Also I have activated 'profiling' in config.php and db.php.

    Under my site I can also see the Link for PQP, but clicking is not possible.

    Here is my HTML code.

    Does someone has an idea what I need to do?


  • FuelPHP comes with the profiler as standard (which is an improved version of PQP), why should you have to install something?

    Just enable profiling in your config, and off you go...
  • Hey Harro,

    I did that. In the Source Code I can see all the Code for PQP. So far so good.

    But when I click on the generated Link "Code Profiler" nothing happens at all.

    I tried to debug and get the following errors:
    [18:49:30.240] TypeError: openProfiler is not a function @ http://tierpensionen.portal/admin/destinations/states:1
    [18:49:30.245] Leerer String an getElementById() übergeben. @ http://tierpensionen.portal/themes/coreadmin/js/application.js?1368252524:14

    Here is my Source Code:

    Any idea what happens?

  • Can you try and click on the profiler link? Does that work?

    If not, you have a browser issue.

    If it works, perhaps some ill-behaving javascript in your application steals the event handler, disabling the PQP functions.
  • p.s. if you look at the source code, the function openProfiler is absolutely defined, which is another clue there's something going on with the rest of the javascript you include...
  • The Link in your example is working perfectly.

    The only JS I included was from the template I use for my backend.

    So I need to ask a friend of mine if he could debug this, as I am absolutely not familiar with JS and I don't get that in my head. :-)

    But thanks very much, so I know where to have a look on.
  • Ok, thanks for the feedback. Good to know it's not a framework issue... ;-)
  • Good for you. Bad for me! :-(
  • The profiler code is as simple as can be: it defines an onClick on the link which calls the javascript function openProfiler() which is defined just above that.

    If you get a message saying the function is not defined, the most obvious reason is that you have an error in your javascript somewhere, that halts further processing, and thus causes the function to be undefined.

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