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Two Models, Parent/Child One form save at same time.
  • This seems like an easy enough question, but figured I would ask to make sure I understand it correctly.

    I have two models; Account and User. I have one form with fields for both models. I want the User to be a child of the Account model and a site visitor be able to fill out one form that creates both models with the associations. The account should be created and saved first while using that record's id as a key in the user table.

    Is there any sort of process I need to do to get the models/controllers setup right to rollback any commits made to the Account table if the insert of the User fails?


  • With ORM, you can enable transactions by passing true as second parameter of the save() method.

    If you have defined the relation as 'cacade_save' (which is default), the save of the parent will save the child as well, within the same transaction.

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