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Can I use a collection of models as the option array argument for Form::select()?
  • I'm creating a form where a select box is populated with model data, e.g. I have a book model it belongs to a category model. In the from I use to create a book, I want the list of categories to show up on the form as a select box, how do I do that without iterating through the collection categories to build the options array manually?

  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    No, you can not. Select options requires key-value pairs, which is not available in a model.

    If a model would provide that functionality somewhere (I wouldn't know how btw), it would be the select() method that would have to iterate over the collection. So iterate you have to.

    We use a standard dropdown() method in our base model which does a DB query to return a key-value list, it has recently be discussed here:

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