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Insert multiple rows with one db-action
  • Is ist possible to insert multiple rows with one action.
    For example. I habe a table "tags" and want to save a few tag.
    now I am doing it so:
    $tag_array = array('tag1', 'tag2');
    foreach($tag_array as $tag)
    Model_Tag->forge()->set('tag', $tag)->save();

    (Pseudocode: code type here for demonstarated)
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    No, not via ORM.

    An ORM is an object relational mapper, which maps individual records to objects (and the other way around). An ORM is not a query builder that you can use to generate arbitrary queries, you  need to use the query builder (DB) for that.

    DB::insert() supports multiple inserts at once if you use the values() method instead of set(), and you pass an array of rows to it.
  • Thank You!

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