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Organize an efficient and maintenable git project with Fuel
  • Hi here, 

    I try to create a real maintenable environment for my fuel projects, and the submodule system for the core and packages directories make it very difficult since i use Springloops for automatic deployment. 

    What i mean is when i create a project with a git clone and create submodules (for example, like that : ), the core and packages are not taken in consideration when i push to the remote server. This is a normal situation for sure, but then, when i try to deploy from Springloops to a FTP server, the submodules are not deployed... 

    I hear that the git subtrees system can do the job, but i'm not enought advanced with GIT to choose the right method to : 
    - Clone the current master branch of Fuel for the app and public folder
    - Let the core and packages folders updatable with new commits from the community
    - Deploy all this thing with tools like Springloops (or FTPloy, where the issue is the same)

    Is there any possibility to make all theses things without to wait the 2.0 of Fuel (and core in composer) ? 

    Is anyone has a method to do something similar ? 

    Thanks in advance :)  

  • What are the options of deployment in Springloops (or FTPloy), I don't know either of them...
  • Nothing particular, Springloops offers the basic git commands and the deploy tool can be activated manually or automatically. 

    You can choose the branch, the server role and the source path, the others options concern the FTP himself. 

    FTPloy is more basic with options. 

    But it seems  this not specific to Springloops or FTploy, the configuration of a deployment tool in general seems to be a problem with submodules... or maybe someone have a solution with a specific sh script or something like this ? 

    I know i can use a archive-all sh script, based on git archive, who take in consideration the submodules to generate a complete archive, but it's not complete enought... and there is not a ftp or ssh connection plugged with it and the actions to do the deployment is too long (ok, i know, i can wrote something for this)

  • So basically what you need is a single repository that contains everything?

    In that case, this thread might give you some pointers:
  • Mmhmm, finally, i changed the services for :
    - bitbuckets as git repo
    - deployHQ for the deployments

    DeployHQ get the subprojects and deploy without any problems for Symfony2 projects, so it may be ok for Fuel too.



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