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FuelPHP programmer needed
  • Hi,

    We have various midrange projects that uses Kohana 3 ( and FuelPHP ( as frameworks. I want someone who is:

    1. Knowledgable in both Kohana and FuelPHP (Preferred FuelPHP, obviously)

    2. This will be an on going hourly project.

    3. Fast coder

    4. Quick to understand instructions.

    5. Knows and uses both Git and Subversion (we need these for collaboration)

    6. Has oDesk account (I monitor work and pay through oDesk)

    REQUIREMENTS for applying for this job:

    When you apply, DON'T send your canned resume. I just want you to :

    - send a few live website that you built using Kohana or FuelPHP
    - send a sample script that you created (at least 2 files of classes). I will know if you are truthful with what you said by looking at your script.

    Please send resume to

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