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Observer_Slug when updating
  • Hi

    I'm using the slug observer in an Orm model, and it update slug when an object is updated with this call on my model


    For the example if i create a post with the title "My great post", the slug will be 'my-great-post', no problem. But when the post is updated, the slug change for 'my-great-post-2'.

    And if i add a 'before_insert' on the observer:

    'Orm\Observer_Slug' => array('events' => array('before_insert'))

    When updating, the slug change simply for 'NULL'.

    So is it a normal behavior to increment the slug on updating ? Or a bug, or i do something wrong ? Because i use slug in url and for evidents reasons, the slug jsut can't change everytime...

  • It should not do that.

    What Model are you using? And how exactly did you define the observer in your model? Is should be something like:

    protected static $_observers = array(
        'Orm\\Observer_Slug' => array(
            'events' => array('before_insert', 'before_update'),
            'source' => 'title',
            'property' => 'slug',

  • It's a model extended from Orm\Model_soft

    And i'm fully agree with you, it should not do that, but it does. I copy paste your code just in case but same result.

    Edit : Oh erf my bad, it came from a piece of code, sorry.
  • Ah, new information. Please try to be as precise as possible in your reports, it will save us both a lot of time.

    Observer_Slug was never supported for any model other then the standard ORM model. I added support for Model_Temporal 25 days ago (which I think made 1.6.1), it still has no support for Model_Soft. I can see if I can add that.
  • Did a quick check.

    Model_Soft comes with it's own Query class extension, that will inject a "WHERE yourdeletefield IS NULL" in every query generated. So that should work out of the box. Which Fuel version are you on?

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