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How to get last inserted id (id of new node created) with \Orm\Model_Nestedset
  • Hi,
    I try to get the id of new node created.

    This is my code :

    //Create Tree Node
    $page = Model_Page::forge(array('title' => $my_title))->last_child($my_parent)->save();

    But : 
    $page return a boolean so $page->id doesn't work.

    I try this :

    $page = Model_Page::forge(array('title' => $my_title))->last_child($my_parent)->save()->get_one();

    But :

    I have an error "Call to a member function get_one() on a non-object (LOGIC, it's a boolean!!)

    My question is : Is it possible to get the New node's id ?

    A solution but not sexy :

    $page = Model_Page::forge(array('title' => $my_title))->last_child($my_parent)->save()

    $page = Model_Page::find('last');

    I can access to the attributes of my object $page ( $page->id, $page->title..)
  • After calling save() on the node, you can just do echo $page->id (or whatever your primary key is called) to get the inserted ID.

    This even works for IDs generated manually and not auto-incremented.

    Just don't do
    $page = Model_Page::forge()->save();

    $page = Model_Page::forge();
    echo $page->id

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