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FuelPHP engineer - Hourly Contract Work
  • Hello,

    We are looking for an experienced FuelPHP engineer that can do it all with FuelPHP. The work would be mostly on small projects with the capability to scale.

    - must be familiar with all aspects of FuelPHP, Core, Oil, Auth, Email, ORM, Parser and more.
    - knows and uses Git and gitsubmodule
    - knowledgeable about the LAMP stack
    - must be able to work with mySQL, not just through migrations
    - must have actually built something with FuelPHP and able to demonstrate it
    - must be able to show custom code work
    - must be accessible via IM, irc, email or phone

    - worked with and/or knowledgeable in CodeIgniter and/or Kohana
    - familiar with agile development
    - Skilled in HTML5, SCSS, Compass, Javascript, SOAP (WSDL)

    Please send some creds (links to work, resume, contact info) to:

  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Any indication of rate? Does it have to be a freelancer?
  • Wow, sorry for the long delay, not sure why I didn't receive a message about this in my email. Harro, would you send me an email and maybe we can discuss over email?

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